Luxury Bidets: What Do You Get for Your Money?

Are you curious about what an unlimited bidet budget can buy? In this blog post we will go over the features that separate a basic toilet seat bidet attachment from a top-of-the-line luxury bidet toilet seat.

When it comes to luxury bidets and bidet toilet seats, the sky is truly the limit. You can choose from a wide range of features and options that will make your experience even better than you could imagine.


Luxury bidet toilet seat features


But first, let's start with the basics...

Basic bidet toilet seat features

We understand that not everyone has the budget for an expensive luxury bidet seat. That’s why we carry many low-budget bidet attachments and non-electric bidet seats that still get the job done!

A bidet attachment connects to your existing toilet seat to the incoming toilet water hose. Bidet attachments come with everything you need to get started, including a T-valve and braided steel hose. Non-electric bidet toilet seats are similar, but they include the actual toilet seat.

There are no bells or whistles here, just good old fashioned cleaning power at a reasonable price. The user interface is usually a simple dial or flush lever to adjust the water pressure and away you go!

Our team loves the GoBidet 2003C attachment. The solid brass construction with chrome finish really sets it apart from most other bidet attachments, which are generally plastic.

The downside of the basic bidet seat

The water is cold, unless your non-electric bidet has an option to connect to your hot water (the hose must connect to the to the hot water under the sink so it might be visible).

Even then, depending on how quickly the water in your bathroom normally heats up after you turn on the tap, your spray will likely be similar. 

For some this feeling is invigorating and energizing. For others...not so much.

That being said, a bidet attachment or a non-electric bidet seat makes for a great first bidet toilet seat, with a minimal investment. It gets you in the game, and you no longer have to stress when the toilet paper aisles are empty!

Looking for more? Let's dive into some luxury features that you will find on the best bidet toilet seat models on the market today.

What comes with a luxury bidet toilet seat?

Most of us love being pampered. These luxury electric bidet toilet seats, loaded with smart and innovative features, will enhance your life thanks to a myriad of high tech features.

Wireless remote control or side control panel

Do you want your bidet seat to have a wireless remote control or side panel control? Bidet toilet seats have both options.

If you have family members who tend to walk away with the remote and leave it in random places, you may want to go with a bidet seat with side panel model.

For those with vision issues, a bidet seat with a hand-held remote can be preferable as it can be held at whatever distance is best to see the controls.

Bidet seat remote controls come with a mounting plate, so it can be tucked back into place for the next user. The Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 offers a wireless remote in 2 color options to best match your wall.

The Cascade 3000 bidet toilet seat allows you to choose your remote size, between a very large, easy-to-read remote, or a smaller compact remote.

The Toto Washlet and Neorest remote controls are sleek and minimalist with an intuitive touchpad in a modern brushed chrome finish.

Multiple sensors

With a sensor-activated bidet seat lid there is no need to even touch the toilet. The latest premium and luxury bidet toilet seats will open and close their lids for you. 

It is important that the bidet toilet seat lid open and close sensor be sensitive enough to trigger the action but not be so sensitive that it opens and closes when someone simply walks by the bathroom. 

Japan's leading bidet manufacturer, Toto, has dialled in the sensors on their Washlets and Neorests to operate exactly how you would want them to; thereby maintaining a sense of calm and efficiency in the bathroom.  The Toto Washlet sensors will activate pre-mist functions to pre-moisten the bowl (which keeps it up to 80% cleaner). So clever!

Some bidet seat models will also have sensors that initiate a "soft-close" seat function. Again, this makes it a touch-less experience. And that is what people want now in a world that is more hygiene-conscious than ever before.

LED night light

When you stumble into the bathroom at night, some bidet seat models emanate a soft LED night light that guides you where you need to go, so that you can continue to do your business in nighttime stealth-mode.

Self-cleaning nozzle

This is one of the most popular new features on luxury bidet seats. Using a self-cleaning function, the nozzle will spray out any residue from its last use, it will be ready for the next person. This on-demand self-cleaning process keeps the nozzle clean and also protects it from corrosion. 

The best electronic bidet seat brands will have stainless steel nozzles that are less likely to harbor bacteria and are easier to keep clean. The Brondell luxury bidet toilet seats have dual nozzles, with a separate wand and nozzle for the rear wash and the feminine wash. All bidet seats have a small door, or flap that the nozzles live behind when not in use.

Innovations abound with bidet toilet seat brands, as technology from nano-particle silver-oxide self-sterilization, to electrolysed water technology are employed to sanitize the nozzle. These self-cleaning features are a big win as far as maintenance, hygiene, ease of use and peace of mind are concerned.

Pressure and spray pattern settings

Adjustable spray pressure and pattern is a feature that most people look for in a high-end bidet toilet seat. The reason is that different situations warrant different pressure and spray needs.

For example, a feminine wash setting might be a wider and softer spray, which feels gentle while still cleaning thoroughly. Some models use aerated water to give the feeling of higher pressure even with a softer wash.

For those who suffer from constipation, some bidet toilet seats have an enema wash  (called "Turbo Wash" by Vovo) setting that sends out a narrow, higher pressure stream of warm water to help things get moving. 

Most bidet toilet seat models allow for fully adjustable nozzle positions and pressure settings to accommodate individual needs.

Heated seat settings

For those that like their bidet seat nice and warm and for those that like it cold (yes, some people enjoy their bidet spray at a colder temperature!), you can choose from a variety of heating options. The heated seat has become a very popular bidet seat feature.

With the new smart bidet seats, you can separately adjust the water temperature, the seat temperature and the warm air dryer to whatever feels great for you.

Anyone living in colder climates will appreciate the luxury that a heated seat brings. A heated seat, as well as a warm water spray, relaxes you and can help with constipation.

Warm air dryer

The warm air dryer function is a game-changer. With a warm air dryer it is now possible to be cleaner and fresher than ever before without using any toilet paper. 

We have already discussed how just how un-hygienic wiping can be in another post. Unless you are extremely vigilant with your toilet paper technique, anytime your hand comes close to a dirty bum there can be problems.

A warm air dryer reduces any chances of contamination. The warm air dryer is easy to use and can be activated by a push of button or sensor. 

Please keep in mind that most warm air dryers on bidet toilet seats are a bit more gentle than one might expect. This is intentional because of hygiene reasons. The idea is to have enough power for drying but not too much so as to blow any bacteria around.


Who in the world likes a stinky bathroom? Nobody.

The best bidet seat brands have found a solution to the stink issue with carbon filters that don't simply cover up bathroom odors with synthetic fragrances, they actually clean the air, by sucking it in from the toilet through an activated carbon filter. Tada! No smell.

As a side note:

It has been proven that synthetic air fresheners are harmful to our health. Most air fresheners contain phthalates that can disrupt the endocrine system and even cause reproductive harm.

That makes this deodorizing filter feature even more valuable.


The new generation of luxury bidet toilet seats are the best thing to happen to the bathroom since indoor plumbing.

With so many smart, easy-to-use features, it is hard not to want to upgrade your existing toilet. Other bidet seats with more basic features will still do a great job at a reasonable price, so don't let your budget stop you from taking the plunge into bidet-life!

Bring your bathroom habits and self-care up a notch and allow yourself to relax and enjoy this affordable luxury bidet toilet experience.

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