Most Eco-Friendly Smart Bidet Brand of 2022

You want to save toilet paper by switching to a bidet, but which brand is best from an environmental perspective?

First of all, all bidets are inherently eco-friendly because they save trees and conserve water much more than using toilet paper. So regardless of the bidet toilet seat or full integrated bidet toilet that you choose, you are making a big different by investing in a bidet.

That being said, some bidet toilet seat brands do go the extra mile by adhering to the most stringent environmental standards and maintaining certifications that support environmental responsibility. 

Of all the bidet brands, Japan's TOTO® maintains its reputation as most eco-friendly bidet brand of 2022. Not only does Toto® look at water and energy consumption of the bidet itself, it also considers the cleaning aspect, which most other bidet brands do not do. Cleaning any toilet is not much fun, but it can also be hard on the environment as flushing toxic cleaning chemicals down the drain has a negative impact on the eco-system, not to mention inhaling, or coming into direct contact with toxic toilet cleaning products.

Toto Neorests and Toto Washlets Most eco-friendly bidet brand of 2022

Toto's EWATER+® is actually electrolysed water that has been proven to act as a disinfectant. Toto® Washlets and Neorests use e-water to clean and disinfect the toilet and bidet, making washing the toilet and bidet less necessary, or at least - allowing the toilet to stay cleaner longer.

The Toto® Washlet sensor senses a user approaching the toilet and uses the EWATER+ to "pre-mist" the bowl. Toto claims that this process cleans 80% better than a dry bowl AND reduces the need for toilet cleaning chemicals. The wand and nozzle is also sterilized using e-water.

Note: EWATER+® returns to its normal state after 2 hours.

Toto® Neorests have additional specific features that makes them the most eco-friendly full bidet toilets on the market:

Toto CEFIONTECT® is Ceramic Glaze used as a long-lasting finish that prevents any mold, scale or waste from building up and keeps the bowl cleaner for longer. The CEFIONTECT® glaze thereby reduces the need for harsh toilet cleaners, and Toto actually suggests that mild dish soap and a soft cloth be used to clean their Neorests instead. 

TORNADO FLUSH® is Toto's special flushing technology that features two powerful nozzles that create a tornado-like cyclonic rinsing action which flushes all the waste down the bowl, keeping it cleaner for longer.

TORNADO FLUSH® uses only 1.0 or 0.8 gallons per flush on most Neorests and creates a super-effective flush every time. In addition to saving water and keeping the bowl cleaner for longer, the flush is quiet.


Toto Ewater+ technology used on Toto Washlets, Neorests


Of all the bidet brands,Toto® continues to stand ahead of all the others as far as their long term commitment to environmental sustainability. You can read more about it here.

Toto washlet Toto Neorest environmental sustainability

Top Toto Washlet and Neorest Picks for 2022:

TOTO NEOREST® AH Dual Flush Toilet - 1.0 GPF & 0.8 GPF - MS989CUMFG#01

Toto Neorest AH Dual Flush Toilet

 The Toto Neorest® AH not only looks beautiful and modern in your bathroom space, but it has all the advanced smart luxury features that you want, using the most eco-friendly technology in the industry.

 TOTO® Washlet® S550e Bidet Toilet Seat with EWATER+® - SW3056#01

 The S550e Washlet by Toto (SW3056#01) has the most luxury features of Toto's Washlet collection including Ewater+ and Premist, sensor-operated auto open and close, air purification, tankless water heating and more.  It fits most elongated toilets and comes in both contemporary (shown) and classic lid styles.