Read this Before Buying a Bidet Toilet Seat!

Bidet toilet seats are a great way to improve hygiene in your bathroom.

Not only do they offer better cleaning than toilet paper, but they also have the added benefit of being able to wash away any poop that may be left behind after you go to the bathroom. This means cleaner hands and butt when you're done!

But not all bidets are created equal, so read on before you buy one for your home.

Benefits of a bidet toilet seat | Clear Moon Bidets

What is a bidet toilet seat and why would I want one?

A bidet toilet seat is a small toilet fixture that can be installed on any standard toilet. This device has many benefits to your quality of life and may improve hygiene for those who use it regularly. A bidet makes cleaning yourself easier than ever before, and you can get the job done in seconds with just a push of a button!

Many people believe that bidets provide a cleaner and more hygienic option for personal hygiene, as they can cleanse the anus, perineum and genitals after using the toilet.

Bidets are also beneficial for those with hemorrhoids or sensitive skin who find wiping with toilet paper difficult. Bidets are often used by people with conditions such as Crohn's Disease, ulcerative colitis, hemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome to improve their quality of life.

Bidets are especially helpful for people with limited mobility, but they can be used by anyone who wants an easier time wiping or would like to use less toilet paper. In fact, many doctors recommend bidets. 

What is a bidet toilet seat?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a bidet toilet seat? You’re not alone. Bidets have been used for hundreds of years in Europe and Asia, but now they are becoming more popular in America as well.

Bidets provide an easy way to clean your butt with only clean water after using the bathroom without having to touch anything with your hands. Bidets come in a large variety of models so that everyone can find something that fits their needs perfectly.

Some bidets even include features such as heated seats, deodorizers, self-cleaning nozzles, night lights and personalized water spray settings!

What are the advantages of a bidet toilet seat?

Bidet toilet seats are better for your health because you aren’t putting so much bacteria on your skin every time you go to the bathroom (which can lead to infections).

Second, it saves money because you don’t need as much toilet paper! Remember the toilet paper shortage of 2020?

There are countless environmental advantages to using less or no toilet paper, but that topic deserves its own blog post.

Finally, the warm water from the bidet nozzle feels really nice and clean when sprayed onto your body after going to the bathroom.

Bidets toilet seats are usually really easy to install on your existing toilet. Our bidet toilet seats come with everything needed to install it, including a T adapter hose and mounting hardware kit.

Bidets are great for men and women of all ages. Many models also includes two nozzles - one standard nozzle and one feminine nozzle which sprays water from underneath instead of from above like most other models do (this makes getting clean much easier).

Read on for the most important features to look for in a bidet...

What should I look for in a bidet?

You want a bidet that is easy-to-use with controls that feel natural.

Your bidet nozzles should also be made of high quality materials like stainless steel, instead of plastic since it tends to break down over time faster than other materials.

And finally, the best bidets come with at least two nozzles so you can choose between different warm water spray patterns, depending on what kind of cleanse you need at the moment (front vs back). 

Most people want an electric bidet toilet seat with on-demand heated warm water spray. There are also bidets that have a small warm water tank built in, some bidets that are hybrids, as well as bidets that use only cold water.

We recommend going with an on-demand hot water system or a hybrid system, so that the person using the bidet right after you does not get a surprise cold-water spray!

Luxury bidet toilet seats are loaded with smart features that give you a spa-like experience every time you use your bidet. There are countless luxury, smart features available to make you feel spoiled every time you use your bidet.

What price should I expect to pay for a bidet toilet seat?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a $200 bidet seat and one that costs over $1,000? It comes down to the quality of the materials used and the features that they offer. If you are the kind of person who feels invigorated by a cold water spray, then you might be able to get away with one of the lower price models, or even a simple bidet attachment.

Most people prefer a warm water spray, however, which is only available on the higher end models. The average price for a quality bidet seat is right around $400-$600 USD, but this can increase with the more luxury features that you add.

While this may seem expensive at first glance, consider the fact that you are essentially buying your own personal spa with one of these seats! Also you are no longer a member of the "toilet paper club", which means you can cut your expenses there as well.

Will my bathroom accommodate a bidet?

A bidet seat can be a great addition to any bathroom. However, you should make sure your current setup will accommodate one before making your bidet purchase. You will need an electrical outlet nearby (within three feet of the toilet). An extension cord can be used, as long as it is three-pronged and rated to handle at least 1500 watts. 

If you are doing a full bathroom remodel make sure that your contractor or electrician knows that you plan to install a bidet toilet seat or full bidet unit and plan accordingly.

As far as bidet toilet seat compatibility goes, bidets will fit most standard two-piece toilets. If you have a one-piece toilet your bidet seat may still fit, but you will have to take some measurements to be sure.

How do I get a bidet toilet seat to fit my needs?

Clear Moon Bidets carries the most popular bidet brands in America. We offer free shipping on all bidet toilet seats throughout the contiguous USA.

Just contact our customer support team weekdays by email, live chat or phone. They are ready to offer support from start-to-finish during your bidet purchase journey. We provide tons of resources, like our Bidet Quiz and our Bidet Comparison Chart to help you find the best bidet for your home.