*The new 2024 NEOREST® models have arrived. These new models will run along side of the remaining previous 2023 models until stock runs out.

As of January 2024, there are still some remaining 700H models in stock, but the plan is to replace the 700H with the LS. For now they will run along side each other, as they look quite different and have some different features.

The AH + RH models have sold out and have been fully replaced by the AS + RS models. 

The NX1, NX2, EW + AC models are still current and will not be discontinued.

Are you trying to figure out the differences between all the TOTO NEOREST 2024 models? We made this chart to help you pick the right model for your needs. If you have any questions please reach out to us so we can help: / Text or Call: (672) 572-0089


TOTO NEOREST 2024 New Models Comparison Chart
TOTO NEOREST® AC WALL HUNG - please contact us.
TOTO NEOREST® NX2 - please contact us.

For your reference, below are the previous NEOREST® models from before Fall 2023.
TOTO NEOREST® AH - discontinued.
TOTO NEOREST® RH - discontinued.
TOTO NEOREST® 700H - stock still available
TOTO NEOREST® 750H - please contact us.
TOTO NEOREST® NX2 - please contact us.
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